Biden: Economy Had Zero Percent Inflation in July

biden says we have had zero percent inflation in july 2022

President Joe Biden continued to declare the economy as a victory for his administration, announcing proudly to reporters that America had “zero percent inflation” during the month of July.  “I just want to say a number: zero. Today, we received news that our economy had zero percent inflation in the month of July. Zero percent.” […]

Biden Secretary: Kids Need “Empowering” Sex Change Mutilations

rachel lavine on msnbc making comments about kids gender affirming surgery

The Biden administration advocated for brutal sex “reassignment” surgery for children on Thursday. Biden Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine (formerly Richard) told an MSNBC host that kids needed to be “empowered” to have life-altering surgery as minors. “So, we really want to base our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these […]

Americans Can’t Believe What Biden Just Said About the Economy

biden says there will be no recession

Americans of all stripes were shocked on Monday when President Biden rejected the possibility of a recession – even amidst devastating economic news.  Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden how worried Americans should be about a looming recession.  “Mr. President, we’re getting GDP numbers on Thursday. How worried should Americans be that we are […]

WATCH: Biden Announces He “Has Cancer,” White House Responds

biden says he has cancer

President Joe Biden may have either made another teleprompter gaffe or accidentally announced his current health condition.  During a Wednesday climate change speech, Biden had a peculiar way of phrasing a story; making it sound as if he currently has cancer.  “…my mother drove us and rather than us be able [sic] to walk. And […]

WOW: MSNBC Just DESTROYED Biden On Inflation

msnbc show katy tur on biden inflation

“…Inflation is a very big problem…” Even MSNBC has started to see trouble brewing for the Biden administration regarding inflation and economic uncertainty. In a live reporting segment called “Inflation Nation”, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur took a deep dive into the economic pain felt by everyday Americans. Reporter: “It’s happening coast to coast: consumers are […]

WATCH: RECORD-BREAKING Wave of Illegals Hops the Border

giant group of migrants wading through rio grande

Fox News border correspondent Bill Melugin recorded one of the “biggest groups ever witnessed” of illegal aliens crossing the U.S. southern border. Melugin and his team captured “hundreds upon hundreds” of migrants wading through the Rio Grande river. ‘Coyotes’ (human smugglers) reportedly were leading the mass of people over the river from Mexico. According to […]

Is THIS the White House’s WORST LIE Yet?

biden press secretary comments on best economy

Biden’s press secretary took to the White House podium to launch a defense of Joe Biden’s economy on Thursday.  Karine Jean-Pierre, who was recently promoted after the resignation of Jen Psaki, said the economy of the United States is actually stronger than ever before.  >> Join Americans in DEMANDING Biden reopen the Keystone XL pipeline.  […]

New Poll Spells DOOM for Democrats as Americans Struggle

woman thinking about cost of biden gas prices, looking concerned

Americans’ #1 and #2 concerns are inflation and gas prices, according to a Monmouth Poll released Tuesday.  Biggest concerns for Americans according to this poll:  Inflation – 33%Gas Prices – 15%Economy – 9%Everyday bills, groceries, etc – 6% Abortion, reproductive rights – 5%Guns, gun ownership – 3%Health care costs – 3%Job security, unemployment- 3%College tuition, school […]

REPORT: White House Preparing for MASSIVE Gas Price Increase

drivers waiting for gas

A recent CNN article spilled the beans on the circumstances Biden economic officials are privately preparing for: $10 per gallon gas right before midterms.  Phil Mattingly, a senior White House correspondent, described the analysis of…

Biden’s 3 WORST Excuses for High Gas Prices (VIDEOS)

biden pointing at high gas prices

Since Joe Biden took office in 2020, the average price of gas at the pump has doubled. In many cases, Democrats are proud of high prices. They believe these prices will cause drivers to choose expensive electric vehicles over traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.  Joe Biden used three terrible excuses for high (and rising) gas prices caught […]