The Myth Of Neutrality & The Argument For God In Government


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I work as a producer for a local talk radio program that is also a part of the iHeart Radio network of podcasts, and I have listeners call in all the time. I could write a book about the things people feel comfortable sharing with me. 

Oftentimes these listeners are calling to comment on whatever the host of the show and I are discussing. We don’t really take callers and put them on the air in an impromptu fashion, and much of our audience knows this, so they just want to chat with me, the call screener, about the news of the day. 

It really is a testament to the longevity of talk radio as a platform because many of these listeners feel like they know me personally. But that’s a separate column. 

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I received a call from a listener recently as we were discussing the foundational nature of Western Civilization in light of religion. We were postulating that in a Western, English Common Law nation like the United States, our modern society has typically permitted people of other faith backgrounds to run for office so long as institutionalizing their faith is not a part of their policy platform. 

The example we specifically gave was Muslims and Sharia Law. In the modern United States, Muslims can run for office but Sharia Law ought not be a part of their public policy platform. This was the point being made on the air. In response to these comments, I received a call wondering why we felt this way toward Muslims and not Christians. 

“If Muslims could not enact their religious laws in the civil realm, then why should Christians be able to do so? Can’t the government just do their job and stay out of religion entirely?” (The question that was posed to me has been paraphrased.)

This is the kind of myth that I am hoping to disprove. This is the “Myth of Neutrality.”

Even conservatives, as this listener identified himself, have been catechized into this post-Enlightenment belief that there are things in this world that exist apart from a deity. Things just exist because they are true. They rightly point out the existence of natural law but cannot take a step further into considering that the natural law was ordered by a Law Giver. And that Law Giver has many things to say about the civil realm, public policy, magistrates, and the common good. 

Until one starts thinking with a comprehensive biblical worldview about the civil magistrate, many hold on to these Libertarian beliefs.

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My argument can be boiled down to this: apart from Christ, 2+2 cannot equal 4. Even basic mathematics and arithmetic were ordained by God at creation. If we cannot recognize that all things on earth, including the civil government, are not neutral but are, in fact, orchestrated by God, then we allow our nations to be influenced by secular pluralism. 

God requires the nations to bow before him. 

“Now therefore, O kings, be wise; be warned, O rulers of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish in the way, for his wrath is quickly kindled. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.” – Psalm 2:10-12

In the Western political tradition, liberty cannot exist apart from true religion because we know that man is inclined to worship. Man will either worship the God who created the state, or it will worship the state itself.

My warning to the listener who called in, with a genuine and honest question, is that we incur judgment upon us as a people by continuing to elect godless leaders, and even leaders who profess faith in a false religion. 

Muslims would not be able to govern justly, especially in an English Common Law society, when they worship a false god. The same can be said for Hindus, Buddhists, secularists, etc. Only Christians can rightly judge legislation, judicial interpretation, and enforce upright laws. 

This, obviously, assumes that every other religion is false, which I do contend, but not by my own opinion, but because of the Son of the Living God. 

“Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” – John 14:6

Nothing I have stated is new, in fact, most Christians for the majority of the last two millennia have believed this. In the United States, many of the former British colonies maintained their established churches and required theological and doctrinal tests for candidates in order to get elected. That continued until about the 1830s. 

Multiple times now, I have used the phrase “English Common Law.” This is the legal and civil tradition primarily put into use by King Alfred the Great of Wessex before England was unified under one crown. Every English-speaking nation can trace their civil tradition to this moment in history when Alfred derived English law from the Mosaic Law, namely Deuteronomy

Simply put: the West is Christian. It is our heritage that we are squandering on the altar of pluralism. We won’t survive much longer if we cannot rightly know who we are or where we’ve come from, that being almost exclusively from the Anglo-American Protestant tradition. 

It is either Christ or chaos. We either kiss the Son or perish in the way. There is no neutrality.

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5 Responses

  1. Jerry, Certainly the OT presents a side of God that at first seems quite different than what we read about him in the NT. However, as I am currently reading through the the OT again, I am more than ever struck with our need to see the anger so we realize what Jesus’ going to the cross really did for us. God was always angry at sin. He , because of his love or us, took that sin away so now those of us that accept that as being done on our behalf, experience God as you just apply described from the NT. Same God !!!

  2. My understanding is that there is no law about candidates platforms; however a person believing in sharia law could or should not take the oath of office upholding the constitution.

  3. God in government? Which god? Only the Christian god? The Islamic god would love to cut the Christian god’s head off with a dull knife, yet Christians continue to reach out to these bloodlusting pagan haters as if they shared the same values. Do you only allow the god that Christians say is real? Describe this nebulous being in exact terms, would you please? Is it the one that the Muslims like, that destroys whole cities? Or the other one that loves lepers and little kids and turns the other cheek? Make up your mind, will you? Because your Old Testament god and your New one are polar opposites.
    The gods of religions are fabrications designed to give power to frauds who claim to speak for God. God never created any religion, the hundreds of different dogmas are all the creations of Man. God is ineffable, therefor useless in getting people to become followers. Followers need something to respect, something to compare with, enemies to hate, rules to live by. God doesn’t provide any of that, but religious doctrines do, it’s good business and pays well. Look at the treasures of the Vatican and the homes of priests if you doubt me. Can you afford Cuban cigars? They can.
    When religions become part of governments you have Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. There’s a reason for the separation of church and state, wake up.

  4. Our Great Nation has a birth certificate and that is The Declaration of Independence. It is our ONLY Founding document to state that our Rights are unalienable, and [to each] from “their” Creator. That fine document ends with the statement:

    “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

    That divine Providence interceded is that of a Judeo-Christian GOD [“Nature’s God”, of Para. 1, Declaration of Independence, is the GOD of Genesis in the Bible], and there is no re-writing THAT history. Our Founders took this action in shrinking-awe [Fear of the Lord] of GOD, and if our “government” [our idyet-aywhole neighbors who needed a job] attempts to steer our Nation, or us from our GOD, or towards another than we can chuck them per the TWICE ENUMERATED [a unique quality] RIGHT recited in Para. 2 of The Declaration of Independence [THE ONLY RIGHT THAT ALSO HAS AN ENUMERATED “duty” TO EXERCISE “whenever” A BONA FIDE CITIZEN DEEMS NECESSARY (thus the 2nd Amendment demands ≥Parity of Arms with our gov’t, and it’s not our fault what that parity might entail)].

    So, yeah, while America may have infinite room to welcome Americans, from wherever GOD had the stork drop them off, all subsequent Americans need to come here and BE AMERICAN. If those new Americans deem that that means trying to get us to give up what is written above, or to try to FORCE us to IN ANY WAY serve THEIR [different] god, THEN CHRISTIANS WILL TAKE UPON THEMSELVES THE YOKE-OF-THE-NEED-FOR-FORGIVENESS AND TAX THOSE FRS SUCH FRS FN-PELTS. As TRUMP was right, the rest of the World is a shi7hole that often attempts to spread its shi7holeness and, in-contrast, we Americans can do America on any continent [maybe you’ve seen it where you live], and even in space, but we don’t have people killing themselves [dropping off of the sides of U.S. Military Aircraft at low-altitude] or their children [trying to cross the Rio Grande at night with suckling children], or their fortunes, TRYING TO ESCAPE THE U.S. OR FLEE TO SOMPLACE BETTER, WE DON’T NEED THOSE COMING HERE ATTEMPTING TO SELL THEIR BRAND OF CRAZY THAT DIDN’T WORK WHEREVER THE FTHEY CAME FROM.

    fair warning

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