Musk Tweet CONFIRMS Evidence of Fauci Involvement in Twitter Censorship

dr fauci colluding with Twitter

Just days after Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted out “my pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci”, Musk appears to have confirmed the reason he tweeted this statement: newly uncovered evidence of collusion between Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Federal Government, and former Twitter staff.  In a tweet response to the Hodgetwins, a conservative comedian show duo, Musk tacitly confirmed […]

CDC Prepares to Mandate COVID Vaccine for School Children

tucker carlson on covid vaccines for school children

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on an under-covered story on his show Tuesday night, exposing CDC plans to mandate COVID vaccinations for school children. The mandate would come in the form of the childhood immunization schedule, a list of required vaccines for children going into public school.  “This week, the CDC’s advisory committee on […]

New Zealand PM: We Are Your Single Source of Truth

new zealand prime minister says we are your source of truth

Citizen Free Press (CFP) shared an archived, rarely-seen video on Tuesday of New Zealand’s Prime Minister making chilling comments in 2021 about her government being the “single source of truth”.  On Tuesday, the reporters at CFP tweeted out this video, which was also reposted by major conservative publications like the Daily Wire: Flashback: this press […]

NIH Gave Grant to Study How ‘Protein-RNA Interactions’ Promote Cancer, Fibrosis

Column | Washington’s Bayonette Exclusive: A Florida State University researcher received a “prestigious National Institutes of Health [NIH] grant” in Oct. 2021 to study how “protein-RNA interactions” can promote “fibrosis and cancers.”  This is less than a year after the roll-out of the dangerous mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, which the NIH is even up to this day […]

Healthy Adults Are Dying “Mysteriously” in Australia (DETAILS)

Australia, ground-zero for draconian COVID vaccine mandates during the pandemic, is currently confronting a massive spike in Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, or SADS. SADS, also known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, is described as a death where a person under the age of 40 dies unexpectedly, and the cause of death cannot be determined. Australia’s […]

6 Times the US Government LIED During the Pandemic

Column | Washington’s Bayonette If US government officials were under the same spell as the puppet Pinocchio, there would be an awful lot of Americans with noses longer than a Joe Biden anecdote.  Here are six times the US government or government officials actually LIED about Covid-19 and the measures surrounding the pandemic. 1) The […]

Man Who Pummeled Elderly Army Vet in Nursing Home Has Charges Dropped

jaden hayden beats war veteran in nursing home

Charges have been dropped against a man who recorded video footage of himself beating a 75-year-old Army Veteran in a Michigan nursing home. The video, dated May 15, 2020, shows Jadon Hayden repeatedly punching Norman Bledsoe in the head. Bledsoe appeared to bleed profusely from his head, as Hayden yelled “Get the f*ck off my […]

FAUCI: I Won’t Work for Trump if Re-Elected in 2024

anthony fauci leaving white house in 2024 if trump is re-elected

Dr. Anthony Fauci made it clear he would be leaving his prestigious position as White House Medical Advisor if former president Donald J. Trump is re-elected.  In a CNN appearance over the weekend, Jim Acosta asked Dr. Fauci directly, “If Trump were to return to the White House as President and COVID is still a […]

WATCH: Liberal BOOTED from Flight for Harassing Trump Supporter

Especially since the start of COVID, videos from airplanes have gone viral time and time again. Often, these clips involve liberal meltdowns due to others not masking. A number of times, including in this video, we have also seen Americans kicked from flights just for wearing anti-Biden clothing. However, this time, a liberal from Portland […]

J&J Chairman Praises China’s Covid “Response,” Which Killed Millions

china's police wearing hazmat suits

Exclusive: Johnson & Johnson, producer of the Covid-19 vaccine very early discovered to be dangerous and even (in some cases) deadly, has a branch in China—and its J&J China chair positively spun China’s pandemic handling in 2021. Even outside of the Covid plandemic, J&J should not be doing business IN China, which is ruled by […]