VA Teacher Suspended for Telling Kids to Read Both Sides of the Ukraine Story

outside of arlington va public school parking lot

An Arlington, Virginia public school substitute teacher has been suspended for allegedly telling students they should keep an open mind regarding the Russia-fueled conflict in Ukraine. While discussing the events, he advised students to read news from both sides, considering the substantial volume of propaganda involved in current reporting from Ukraine. According to WTOP, this […]

NEW POLL: Youngkin Soaring Well Above Biden in the Commonwealth

glenn younkin signing document on desk

Lately, polls measuring Governor Glenn Youngkin’s popularity in the Commonwealth of Virginia have been a mixed bag of good and bad. But a new poll from Roanoke College shows the Republican now soaring nine points above President Joe Biden in Virginia. The new data come after Youngkin and his colleagues in the legislature have swiftly […]

Another HUGE Win for Parents’ Rights in Virginia

glenn youngkin standing by flag

Tuesday, the Virginia Republican Party took to Twitter to celebrate the passage of a new bill that requires schools to notify parents if they assign sexually explicit reading to kids in Commonwealth classrooms. The bill now heads to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s desk, where it will most certainly be signed and executed into law. Youngkin’s polls […]

VIDEO: Virginia Mother FORCEFULLY REMOVED from School Board Meeting

Wednesday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin DELIVERED on one of his top campaign promises, signing Senate Bill 739 into law, which bans school mask mandates by giving parents the choice to opt-out. This represents a huge step in the right direction for Virginia’s parents, who have fought so hard to see it through. Virginia’s dauntless mothers […]

WATCH: Youngkin OFFICIALLY Signs School Mask Mandate Ban to ROARING Applause

youngkin signing mask mandate ban for schools

On the campaign trail, then-candidate Glenn Youngkin won over the parents of Virginia running on his pro-parent, anti-mandate platform. One of his top promises to his supporters was a definitive end to school mask mandates that restricted our kids’ breathing, held back their social development, and dampened their days in class. Wednesday, Youngkin officially honored […]

Fairfax Teachers Union Prez: High COVID Numbers are “GOOD NEWS” for Mask Requirements

VIRGINIA – Fairfax County’s Teachers Union President Kimberly Adams reportedly shared a post to Facebook saying that high COVID-19 cases are “good news” so the county can justify restrictive mask mandates. The post, now deleted, was shared to Twitter by the Fairfax County Parents Association’s official account: “Well the new ‘plan’ is out,” the union […]

Lt. Gov Winsome Sears Uses High-Heel to Gavel the Senate After “Prankster” Stole the Gavel

Virginia’s newly-elected Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears famously stole the show at Glenn Youngkin’s election night party with her genuine and bright disposition, and according to a report from Fox News, Sears has once again brought her quick wit to the spotlight. Fox News reports: Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears reportedly used her high-heeled patent leather pump to gavel […]