Biden Comments on Age: “Am I Slowing Up? … The New 70 is 50”

biden comments on his age during msnbc interview

President Joe Biden commented on his age in an MSNBC exclusive interview over the weekend – challenging opponents who doubt his ability to “vote against” him.  During The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart, Biden was asked by the host, “so, let’s say Trump doesn’t run again, convince Aunt Gloria that she should stick with you.” […]

“No One F*cks with a Biden” President Caught on Hot Mic in Florida

no one f*cks with a biden hot mic south florida

President Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic this week while touring the hurricane-bashed community of Ft. Myers, Florida.  The President shook hands with Ray Murphy, the mayor of Ft. Myers. After exchanging pleasantries, Biden began talking about family loyalty.   “You were raised the same way I was”, Biden said. “I was, I was,” […]

Fmr. Business Partner Tony Bobulinski Releases MORE DETAILS on Biden Family

tony bobulinski sits down with tucker carlson to discuss biden business dealings

New details have been unearthed by the team at Tucker Carlson Tonight regarding Hunter Biden, the Biden family, and business activities between them and the Chinese.  Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of the Bidens, sat down with the Fox News primetime host to talk about his new findings. Core to the discussion was the […]

Biden Tells Audience He Was Raised in Puerto Rican Community

biden says he was raised in puerto rican community

President Joe Biden suggested he was raised in a Puerto Rican community, adding the qualifier “politically” to the end of his statement – leading many viewers scratching their heads as to the true meaning of his assertation.  Biden was delivering an address to a hurricane-impacted community in Puerto Rico on Monday. Trying to connect with […]

Biden Wanders Around On Stage… Where is He Going?

biden wanders on stage at the seventh global fund event

President Biden wandered on stage, seemingly looking off into space and reaching for something in his pocket that wasn’t there at a recent event.  On Wednesday, Biden was speaking at the Global Fund’s seventh annual “replenishment” conference in New York City. The scope of the event is a donor pledging session to fight AIDS, Malaria, […]

Fox Interrupts Biden’s Speech for a “Hard, Cold Dose of Reality”

Tuesday, Joe Biden delivered a speech celebrating his administration’s biggest legislative victory yet, the signing of the “Inflation Reduction Act.” Biden also suggested inflation is lifting and the economy is getting back on track, but an unfortunately-timed fall in the stock market ruined Biden’s shining moment on TV. Across news networks, a stock market ticker […]

Biden Delivers Darkest Speech of His Presidency

biden dark september speech

Spooky, blood-red backdrop… Watch the video… Last night, President Biden delivered what many are calling the “darkest speech of his presidency.”  Biden stood at a podium with eerie lighting, a blood red background, and two silhouetted Marines standing at attention. The President used these optics to call his political opponents enemies of democracy.  “Trump & […]

BREAKING: Republicans Launch Impeachment Push Against Biden

republicans calling for joe biden impeachment

President Joe Biden may want to be a little nervous at this news.  House Republicans have started to lay the groundwork to impeach Biden if they take control in the November midterm elections. Some have already introduced articles of impeachment – with conservative representatives accusing Biden of impeachable behavior when it comes to the economy, […]

WATCH: Biden Just HANDED the Midterms to Republicans

biden promises post-midterm assault weapons ban 2022

President Joe Biden outlined the Democrats’ post-midterm strategy for running a liberal American empire during a speech at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) rally in Maryland. Biden admitted he would attempt to ban all ‘assault weapons’ if Democrats control congress after the 2022 midterms. Democrats will plan to enact radical support for abortion by permanently […]