Joe Biden Claims He Attended a Historically Black College (He Didn’t)

joe biden says he attended an hbcu

While campaigning for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist in Miami-Dade County, FL, President Joe Biden claimed he attended an HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) – but he never did. In the video, Biden claims to have attended Delaware State University, which is an HBCU located in Dover, Delaware. This is false. Joe Biden actually […]

MIDTERMS: Predicting 5 of America’s Top Senate Races

Across the country, campaigns are scrambling to get out the vote and keep their messages on the airwaves, and key races are starting to shape up. The final stretch of the midterm cycle is officially here, and we have some exciting updates on deck. Right now, the battle for the Senate is a dead heat […]

Midterm Roundup: Where Things Stand in Tight Races Two Weeks Out

With just about two weeks until election day, Republicans are heating up, and forecasts are turning cloudy across the board for Democrats. In key Senate races, the GOP is surging, but the party still faces a slightly uphill climb to regain control of the chamber. In the House, a red wave remains a near-lock. But […]

WATCH: Joe Biden Aimlessly Wanders, Is Redirected Back to White House

A clip surfaced on Twitter Monday showing President Joe Biden looking utterly clueless, again. In a video grabbed from C-SPAN, Biden is seen wandering off into the bushes on White House grounds after a tree planting ceremony celebrating groundskeeper Dale Haney’s 50-year tenure. After Biden was told to turn around and walk the other way […]

Biden Comments on Age: “Am I Slowing Up? … The New 70 is 50”

biden comments on his age during msnbc interview

President Joe Biden commented on his age in an MSNBC exclusive interview over the weekend – challenging opponents who doubt his ability to “vote against” him.  During The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart, Biden was asked by the host, “so, let’s say Trump doesn’t run again, convince Aunt Gloria that she should stick with you.” […]

Respected Polling Firm Predicts BIG Wins for Republicans in Midterms

The Real Clear Politics (RCP) polling staff now projects that Republicans will gain three Senate seats in November, with Democrats taking net zero Senate seats.  A new map released recently shows Nevada, Georgia and Arizona pulling toward the Republicans – something the experts have wavered on in recent months. Republicans are projected to hold Pennsylvania, […]

WATCH: Joe Biden Forgets the Century He’s Living In

At a press event touting the Biden administration’s so-called “wins” against Big Pharma – an industry that exploded thanks to forced vaccination mandates from Democrats – the President seemed lost. At one point, Biden even seemed to believe he was still living in the 20th century. WATCH: Biden was in Portland, Oregon to stump for […]

Biden Tells Audience He Was Raised in Puerto Rican Community

biden says he was raised in puerto rican community

President Joe Biden suggested he was raised in a Puerto Rican community, adding the qualifier “politically” to the end of his statement – leading many viewers scratching their heads as to the true meaning of his assertation.  Biden was delivering an address to a hurricane-impacted community in Puerto Rico on Monday. Trying to connect with […]

Biden Wanders Around On Stage… Where is He Going?

biden wanders on stage at the seventh global fund event

President Biden wandered on stage, seemingly looking off into space and reaching for something in his pocket that wasn’t there at a recent event.  On Wednesday, Biden was speaking at the Global Fund’s seventh annual “replenishment” conference in New York City. The scope of the event is a donor pledging session to fight AIDS, Malaria, […]

Dr. Mehmet Oz Steps Up During In-Flight Medical Emergency

US Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz put his medical expertise to use last weekend when he was on a flight from Louisville to Philadelphia. The retired cardiothoracic surgeon said that he was in his seat during the flight when a 27-year-old passenger collapsed, prompting others to shout that he was suffering a medical emergency.  “I […]